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September is always the busiest month for the Malta Aviation Society due to the popular and much anticipated Malta International Airshow. The Society however, is active all through the year. We hold very regular, pre-announced aviation related meetings for our enthusiastic members at our premises. These vary from digital or classic slide / video shows of specific subjects, locations, or occasions of particular interest, to illustrated talks by prominent guest speakers, as well as social activities. We also organise occasional visits to aviation related entities, and to special visiting aircraft at the airport or aircraft carriers at the seaports.



The Malta Aviation Society (MAS) announces that having worked hard, together with the Ministry for Tourism, to organise the Malta International Airshow 2020, it has now ceased all preparations for the event.

The main reason that brought the MAS to the decision is that Malta International Airport plc (MIA) - Malta's operator of the country's only airport - refused to provide adequate parking space for airshow aircraft. The MAS is not convinced that the two aircraft parking ramps requested form part of the core operations of MIA. MAS has gathered daily information of aircraft using such parks over the last days. The evidence clearly shows that both parks are seldom used and when they are there are hardly more than five visiting aircraft.

The MAS takes the opportunity to also thank the Malta Air Traffic Services for its full support while preparations where underway.

The Malta Aviation Society is saddened to see that the government of Malta did not put enough effort to insist with MIAplc to provide the space required, thus precluding Malta from having its own proper airshow like every other European country.



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